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Public Devon EV Charging Point at Upcott House

Hi-Tech: WiFi and a 32 amp European Mennekes Connection Charging Point as a public charging point for Electric Vehicle (EV) users. We are one of only a few charging stations in the South West (SW) between Exeter, Bristol and Cornwall that offers free charging along the lines of WiFi Fon network. Find us using the following mapping tools: www.zerocarbonworld.org ,  and are part of the EV Network www.ev-network.org.uk

Carbon Footprint Offsetting

We are offsetting our oil bills by utilising the wood burner affectionately known as ‘The Dragon’ (because it eats anything fed to it) and the original open fires in the house with biomass. Our hot water is produced by air source heat pump. We have a smallholding and grow as many of our own fruit and vegetables as possible. The preserves at breakfast will be either home or locally produced. We keep chickens for our own eggs and pigs for home reared bacon and sausages. We shop locally to reduce food miles and support our local business community.

The first rule of climate change is to reduce consumption and try to use less electricity and fossil fuels as we are fast running out of them on this precious planet of ours. This is quite a challenge when you realise that our house is off the gas and water grids and we pump our own water from 2 boreholes. To this end we encourage our guests to try not to leave their TVs on standby and to switch off appliances and lights when they leave their rooms as we do. To save water we harvest rainwater from the roof and use this to water our beautiful gardens and vegetable plots. We monitor our electricity use via several meters around the house, have light switches that are timed and are moving our lighting over to LED. All new appliances are A+++ rated. We ensure best use of the electric cooker by maximising its capacity when cooking and keep lids on the pots to maintain pressure for quicker cooking. We have power down devices to ensure that gadgets are not kept on stand by.

Electricity Generation

We have 16kw of ground mounted Solar PV installed in our paddock and 20KW of battery storage. This ensures that our energy supply is from renewable sources and provides us with free fuel for our electric cars. We are trying to play our part by creating a public debate on these issues locally and take a lead as an Eco Friendly business. We like a challenge!


Nothing is wasted at Upcott House. We recycle all food waste by composting or using wormeries. All paper is shredded for chicken bedding and cardboard is either burnt in ‘The Dragon’ in the winter or composted in the summer. Plastic cartons are used for seed trays and glass jars are saved for making jams and chutneys. All other waste goes in the West Devon Recycling bins!

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