Upcott House

Battery Storage for our Solar PV

We have been running for a year now with Lithium Ion battery storage attached to our Solar PV system. This means that in the summer we can be running Upcott House B&B on our own generated energy until about 1.00 a.m. in the morning. 

Bacon and Sausages from Tamworth Piggies Popular with guests

Success! Our home reared bacon and sausages from our Tamworth piggies are going down well with the guests. After a year on the land, letting them root around and pull up all those horrible dock leaves (the scurge of a keen gardeners like myself), the Tamworths finally went to slaughter. Keeping pigs for the first […]

First FIT Cheque From Solar PV!

We have received our first FIT cheque from EDF from our solar PV array. Current energy use for this year is also reduced from 92.55 KW / day to 65.89 KW / day average daily consumption. This means that we are well on the way to covering our entire electricity bill for the year and […]

Air Source Heat Pump Installed at Upcott House

Our EDF air source heat pump is now installed and providing us with lots of energy efficient hot water. It works by absorbing heat from the outside air in the same way that a fridge extracts heat from its inside. It can get heat from the air even when the temperature is as low as […]

Starting up the Dragon at Upcott House

Fossil fuels are out and solid fuel is back in at Upcott House. Brothers John Bickley and Charles Enderson, owner and former owner of Upcott House fire up the solid fuel burner better known as The Dragon because we just have to keep feeding it. It has brought a wonderful slightly smoky aroma to the […]

10Kw Solar PV Array Installed at Upcott House

So exciting – today we finally connect to the grid with our 10Kw Ground Mounted Solar PV Array. Brilliant to think that our electricity will mainly come from a renewable source from now on. This constitutes a serious lowering of our carbon footprint. Bring on that Carbon Tax because we are ready for it. Best […]

Chickens get new luxury accommodation

The ‘girls’ (our chickens) are now newly ensconced in luxury accommodation in our paddock with heaps to eat surrounded by an electric fence to keep away the fox, Buster the dog and me. 12v can pack a hefty punch as I discovered when the Upcott House team installed it yesterday. Just put your hand on […]

EV Page on Upcott House Website

Upcott House has introduced a new EV page on our website to keep our eco-credentials up to date.

Public Devon EV Charging Point at Upcott House

Hi-Tech: WiFi and a 32 amp Commando Charging Point as a public charging point for Electric Vehicle (EV) users. We are the only charging point in the South West (SW) between Exeter, Bristol and Cornwall that offers free charging along the lines of WiFi Fon network. Take a look at our EV Charging Point Page […]

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